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of adults have joint pain symptoms


of adults have knee problems


of adults suffer with shoulder pain problems


of adults have ankle, leg, & hip pain issues

Dr. Ken Carle

My 5 component plan addresses the causes of each symptom to reverse the disease process

Dr. Carle's Pathway to Anti-Aging & Restoring Health

Turning on and supporting the body's repair mechanisms

Our bodies have means to heal themselves. Our DNA and RNA have the blueprints for all cells and organs. When damage to a cell or an organ occurs, the body is directed by its DNA and RNA to use amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to either repair or replace the damaged cells.

Energy must be provided to your cells so the repairs can occur.

To be able to carry out the repairs and use the proteins, cytokines, vitamins, and minerals to help the body heal.

Building blocks of cells need to be provided (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc.)

I recommend “Pulse Fuel” which is made by Pulse Centers – the same company which makes the PEMF machines used in our office. The dosage is 1 (one) ounce daily. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle which translates into 32 days of vitamins and minerals. I recommend purchasing 3 or more bottles, which will reduce the cost.

Hydration is important to effectively deliver nutrients to cells and help eliminate waste products from cells.

Your goal is to drink 6 (six) 16 oz bottles (or glasses) of water each day. That equals 96 ounces of water (about 3 liters).

Diet and CBD supplements are extremely important (eating the “wrong” things can exacerbate your pain and CBD can restore homeostasis – essential to wellness.)

Chronic inflammation is present whenever pain is present. Pain triggers an “inflammatory response” that is essential to healing.

Step 1

Messaging and Initiating the Repair Process

Step 2

Anti-Aging / Cell Energy

Step 3

Take Vitamins and Minerals to Help Your Body Heal & Optimize Your Diet

Step 4

Drink Plenty of Water

Step 5

Change Your Diet: What You Eat Makes A Difference!

our patients

Regenerative Therapy Testimonials


S. Day

Neuropathy & COPD Patient

"This therapy has been super amazing! I can breath, I don’t need oxygen. I’m so thankful for this treatment."


J. Willard

Sciatica, Lower Back Pain

"I had 3 Surgeries before I came to this center. After the treatment I don’t think about my pain, and I’ve reduced my medication, A BIG accomplishment!"


Diane B.

Foot Pain, PEMF Therapy Patient

"I was skeptical about the therapy, but after 10 treatments. I’m now playing Pickleball! And the pain has gone down. PEMF Therapy worked for me!"


Rob G.

Shoulder Tear, Stem Cell Therapy

"The Orthopedic physician said surgery would not help and I would be in pain for the rest of my life. After 3 months of Stem Cell Therapy, I’m Pain FREE!"


Yvonne B.

Rheumatoid Arthritis & COPD - Stem Therapy

"My physician said there was NO treatment for me, Stem Cell therapy treatment gave me Positive Results!"


Craig L.

Lower Back Stem Cell Therapy

"I thought I had tried everything for my Lower Back pain, until I had a Stem Cell therapy injection. If you are considering this procedure, DO IT!"

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