Stem Cells & Exosomes

Stem Cells & Exosomes

Why should you consider The Carle Center for Stem Cell Therapy?
Dr. Carle is a board-certified pain medicine specialist, who has been properly trained in stem cell therapy procedures.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy
A stem cell therapy procedure has the ability to repair and regenerate human cells and tissue. These procedures can offer relief for chronic pain, difficult injuries and certain chronic conditions.


Click above to watch our interview segment to hear how Stem Cell Therapy helped one of our patients overcome COPD and Neuropathy Pain!

What They Do:


Repairs, Regenerates, and Replaces damaged tissue to restore normal function


Repairs and enhances arterial and venous circulation


Repairs damaged nerve tissue to improve balance, cognition, and heal neuropathy


Immune modulation (stops the body attacking itself)


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