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“I had 3 Surgeries before I came to this center. After the treatment I don’t think about my pain, and I’ve reduced my medication, A BiG accomplishment!”

J. Willard

Sciatica, Lower Back Pain

“I was skeptical about the therapy, but after 10 treatments. I’m now playing Pickelball! And the pain has gone down. PEMF Therapy worked for me!”

Diane B.

Foot Pain, PEMF Therapy Patient

“The Orthopedic physician said surgery would not help and I would be in pain for the rest of my life. After 3 months of Stem Cell Therapy, I’m Pain FREE!”

Rob G.

Shoulder Tear, Stem Cell Therapy

“My physician said there was NO treatment for me, Stem Cell therapy treatment gave me Positive Results!”

Yvonne B.

Rheumatoid Arthritis & COPD - Stem Cell Therapy

“I thought I had tried everything for my Lower Back pain, until I had a Stem Cell therapy injection. If you are considering this procedure, DO IT!”

Craig L.

Lower Back Stem Cell Therapy

“After several treatments my Pain was GONE! I thought I would always have this pain, I can walk around for several hours without stopping now.”

T. Lidard

Knee Replacement Therapy

“I received treatment on a Saturday and within a couple of days I was Sleeping All Night! If you are in Chronic Pain, I recommend this treatment!”

R. Brown

Back, Knee, & Shoulder Patient

“I’ve tried everything else but this treatment is the one that I’m glad I had!  I walk better and I have a much better attitude.”

J. Stack

Hip & Lower Back Patient

“This therapy has been Super Amazing!  I Can Breath, I Don’t Need Oxygen. I’m so thankful for this treatment.”

S. Day

Neuropathy & COPD Patient


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